April 25, 2012

{Crafty Easter Basket}

 Hi Friends! Today, please welcome our very first guest to the Craft Monkey Destash Bash, Carolina from Always expect Moore! I think y'all are going to get a pretty good giggle out of her use of some of the supplies from the package I sent her. And, let me apologize in advance for being a slacker and giving you this great Easter basket project AFTER Easter. But, I know how y'all like to plan ahead, so go on and pin this one for next year!

Hi! I'm Carolina from Always Expect Moore. I was super excited when Heidi from The Craft Monkey put out a call for bloggers interested in participating in her Great DeStash Bash! I love a good challenge, and this sounded like a great one!

Before having a packet sent out to me, I should have told Heidi "I love serious challenges. So, to make this as difficult as possible, please send me as much pink as you can, and half a dozen different kinds of glitter." Because pink is my least favorite color. And I hate glitter. And pink + glitter = a serious challenge for this girl.

Well, I didn't send Heidi that note, but even so she knew how to throw down the gauntlet, and here is what she sent me:

(1) Baker's twine on popsicle sticks. (2) Brads. (3) Pink paint. (4) Gold Glitter paint. (5) Glue Stick. (6) Pink Sparkly Glitter. (7) Decorative Scissors. (8) Flip-Flop Ribbon. (9) Pink Adhesive Ribbon. (10) Pink Martha Stewart Glitter-like stuff. (11) Clear Glitter-like stuff. (12) Several Patches.

With Easter coming up, I decided the best way to incorporate this hod-podge was by decorating eggs and an Easter basket.

The (12) patches really had me stumped, until I decided to (3) paint the heart pink.
And put some of the (11) clear "non glitter" on it.

I got a felt basket in the dollar section of Target, and glammed up the edges with the (4) glitter paint. You can see a pink egg in the background that also got a little sparkle.

I used the painted, non-glittered patch, the (8) flip-flop ribbon, and a painted (12) football patch (with the (6) sparkly pink glitter, and a (2) brad in the center) to embellish the basket.
Just hot-glued them all on there, with the (9) adhesive ribbon wrapped around the basket.

To use the (7) scissors, I cut up some crepe paper as my "Easter Grass."

And, of course the eggs! The yellow egg got dots with the (12) pink Martha Stewart Glitter. The blue got stripes with the (11) clear non-glitter, and the green and orange both were wrapped up in (1) green or orange baker's twine.

If you've been following closely, you'll think I didn't use the (5) glue stick. But I did! It was used to prop up the basket for the final photo shoot!

If you want to see more of my crafty ramblings, how I take on challenges, or just see some fun tutorials, check me out at Always Expect Moore. I also blog about crafts that can be done in 30 minutes or less at Moore Craft Time.

Carolina, that is GREAT! I can't believe you used EVERYTHING in the package! {Loving the clever use of the glue stick - never underestimate the determination of a craft blogger!}

 I love Carolina's take on a destashed Easter basket! And Carolina, you took on that pink + glitter "challenge" like a champ!

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