April 27, 2012

{Easy Art}

Hi Friends! I recently shared this project over at Mom it Forward, but wanted to share here too in case you missed it.
I'm sharing a fun Royal Design Studios Stencil project.  Royal Design Studios was kind enough to send me a beautiful all over stencil and a stencil brush so I could create something fun.  

Our master bedroom is pretty much the last room in the house to be decorated.  It's really sad looking right now.  I'm in the "process" of redesigning it and decorating, so there is a hodge podge of unmatched, half painted furniture.  But the REALLY sad part of the room is our bed.  We have no headboard, so even my pretty bedding just looks sad and lonely without a headboard.  We eventually plan to buy a new bed, but in the mean time, the room was CRYING out for help.

I really wanted to create my own headboard, but life has been super duper crazy busy.  So I had had to scale down and settle for a substantial piece of "art" instead.  I used an inexpensive piece of plywood, the Endless Circles Lattice Moroccan Royal Design Studio Stencil and some paint to create my masterpiece.

I started by painting by sheet of plywood in a pretty lavender color.  Once it was dry it was time to get started with the stenciling.  

I chose a soft metallic silvery color to use for the stencil.  This is the first time I had ever stenciled something on this large of a scale.  I was a bit nervous.  But the grids on the stencil make it SUPER easy to line up and position it to get a perfectly stenciled project.

When I lifted my stencil, I had some imperfections, but those are mostly because I'm impatient and don't like to wait for paint to dry.  

They were easily touched up!  If you take your time and do it properly, you likely won't require any touch up.  But you know me, fast and furious! HAHA!

Once it was all dry I hung it over my LARGE empty wall.  Don't you just LOVE the impact it makes in the room.  

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I still need to frame it out and who knows, maybe one day I'll even continue with my plan to make it a headboard! 

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