April 30, 2012

{Monogrammed Refreshment Bucket}

Hi again! Are you in shock to be hearing from me so often again? I know, I'm in shock too! Today I'm sharing another Craft Monkey Destash Bash guest post from Pamela from PB&J Stories. You are seriously NOT going to believe what she created with my old junk!

Hi! I’m Pamela from PB&Jstories and I’m so excited to reveal what I ended up making from the Craft Monkey DeStash Bash!!!   When Heidi from Craft Monkey did a shout out on Facebook if anyone would be interested in doing a DeStash Bash, I jumped on board as I’ve never done one before!

What is it you ask?  Essentially while she is decluttering and cleaning out her crafts supply stash, she sends it off to other bloggers and they know get a challenge of creating something using the materials they receive.

Well, here’s what I received:

And here’s what I made:


I struggled for a quite a while what to make with all the goodies in it.  I really wish I had a little sweet girl that I could have created some cute barrettes using the ribbon and clips {hard to see in the picture} and brads.  But, I didn’t.  And the first thing that jumped out at me were those washers! I knew I wanted to create something fun with those, and with summer approaching I decided to make something useful too.

The final products I used were:
Bag full of washers
Orange paint
Pink sparkle paint
Craft bond glue spots {realized I forgot to include this in the haul picture}

What else I used:
Galvanized Bucket
Zinsser Spray Paint Primer
White Gloss Spray Paint

My Steps:


Using my Zinsser primer {my all time favorite primer for any non-standard base, it works perfectly!} I did two layers on the galvanized bucket allowing lots of drying time in between each layer.  I also did a light sanding in between coats to ensure a smooth surface.   Once it was primed, I then spray painted it with just a White Gloss Spray Paint and did two coats and let completely dry.

While I had my primer out, I did a layer on all the top side of the washers since they’re metal too and I was going to be painting them, just to be sure the paint adhered well.


Then when all that paint was drying, I came inside and mixed the two paints I received together.  The pink sparkly paint {on the right} wasn’t too thick so I knew it wasn’t going to coat well, that’s why I just mixed it with the orange paint so I’d be able to see the sparkles along with the fun bright orange color.

Once they were dry I used the Craft Bond Glue Spots I received and stuck two to three spots on the backside of each washer.


It was the first time I used these little guys, they were pretty remarkable!  They had a strong solid hold and have maintained their strength since I did the project.

Then I just stuck each washer to the side of the bucket in the shape of a “S” so it’d be a monogrammed bucket just for our household!



Once they were completely stuck on I let the glue adhere between the washers and the bucket, and then the next day filled with ice and some drinks and had ourselves a brand new fun monogrammed ice bucket!

Thanks Heidi for the goodies! I can’t wait to see what else I can use the rest of the materials for, and thanks for letting me show off my project Smile  Thanks for reading and I would love it if you’d follow my blog PBJstories.com!

Right? Is your chin on the floor too? I would have never imagined such a useful and creative project with the stuff I sent her! The creativity is just ridiculous! Pamela can you make a bucket for me next?

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lauren@warmandfuzzy said...

Adorable...mine is almost done..i promise :)