September 25, 2012

{Fall Smells like Vanilla! & A Giveaway}

I wish you could smell this! Mmmmmm nothing says fall for me like the smell of warm vanilla.

I was recently contacted by Goose Creek Candle Company to review one of their great candles. They have a lot of choices of scent to choose from, but when it comes to candles, I'm a pretty boring vanilla kinda girl.  But I went a little wild and ordered Vanilla Cashmere, instead of just plain vanilla.  I know, I'm such a rebel!

  I received my candle the other day and have been burning it every evening since it came in the mail.  I LOVE it!

This candle seems to be pretty long lasting, like I said, I've been burning it every night for a few hours and it's barely even burned down! And the smell! Oh man, this candle smells delicious!!!

Are you jealous of my delicious candely goodness? Well guess what? The awesome folks at Goose Creek Candle Company want to give YOU a candle too!! One of you lucky Craft Monkeys is going to win your very own Goose Creek Candle! LUCKY!

Don't want to wait to see if you won? Use coupon code 1050 to save 25% off your entire purchase (expires September 30th, 2012)

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Kimberly Pearlman said...

Hooray I love a giveaway!! I'm so happy you're finding time to blog again! I love all your craftiness! :) I'm a craft bomber. :(

SheilaT said...

glad to see you back! love me some Craft Monkey!! Thanks for the giveaway!! I love vanilla also

ashley said...

I love vanilla also! It never seems to disappoint!