November 27, 2012

{Oh Christmas Tree!}

How about a very vintage Christmas Tree Post! I'm working on a post to show you this year's tree, but I've hit some kind of storage block with blogger.  Bah Humbug Blogger! Anyhoo, I've been going through old post trying to free up space and came across this one.  Enjoy. :)
Well, we've got our "malfunction" mostly fixed. There is still a strand of lights NOT working, but, after about 4 hours of fussing with it, cussing at each other and Manny re-wiring a plug, I decided I could live with 3 branches not being lit. (sigh...I gave in). Mostly, I was just ready to decorate the darn tree and get those 8 storage bins of Christmas stuff back up in the attic. So, here is our "beautiful" tree (beauty is subjective, I accept that).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a theme tree. I have 3 "trees", every year I get to choose what kind of mood I'm in and put up "that" tree. I have a red & silver "traditional" tree, complete with shiny silver bows, I have a "fabulous" hot pink, lime green and aqua tree for when I'm feeling funky, and I have "The" white tree, the one that makes my heart go pitter pat. The one that I think is SO gorgeous I've put it up 2 years in a row. The one that looks like it's covered in snow and wild owls are nesting in it. (no really, there are owls nesting in it).

Ok, so after taking these photos, I realized, our tree does NOT photograph well. I'm telling you, in person this tree looks like this "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" (the voice of angels singing, seriously) but in the photo is looks like "ah", so sad, so disappointing. Oh well, I get to enjoy my angel singing tree in person.
So, our tree is all white and has owls (4 of them), Manny says they are creepy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. (Although I will admit, I DO hate birds, there is something about these creepy little owls that I ADORE!)
And our tree topper is a white fairy. She IS creepy. But (sigh) I LOVE her. Even with her ratted hair and wrinkled dress. Our tree also has feather thingies with mirrors on them. I'm telling you, in person, this tree just shines, there is so much reflection from the mirrors and the all white. My Christmas tree makes my heart smile.
So, how do you decorate your tree? Do you have a theme? Have you put yours up yet? I can't wait to hear about your tree!


House Elf said...

I do love the owls! Not a bird person myself, I never thought of using snowy owls on the tree - very creative - and very nice!

Brittany@Superwoman said...

When I was a little girl, the job my dad gave me every holiday season was to make the angel for the tree. One year I glued some wings onto a Barbie. It's one of my few good memories with him.
Your tree topper reminds me of that. It makes me feel fuzzy <3