January 17, 2013

{Ninjago Birthday Party}

The boy turned FIVE this month...FIVE! What the heck! How did that happen?? The morning of his birthday, the boy woke up to find he'd been streamer bombed!

Then he was surprised with a birthday breakfast! Junk cereal that he had been asking to try and a cupcake, along with a few Ninjago treats.

My sweet boy with his breakfast cupcake

On top of all of THAT fun, we also had a Ninjago Birthday Party!

If you don't have a young boy, you have probably never heard of Ninjago, consider yourself lucky! :) Here's how our Ninjago 5th Birthday celebration turned out.

To keep the kids entertain we created a "Ninja Training Obstacle Course".  We went to home depot and bought pvc pipe and foam to create this super easy course.  The kids went through it a few times, then destroyed it and used the foam and pvc as weapons...

We also made some sushi, the kids each got to make a sushi roll and they LOVED it! We used rice crispie treats, gummy worms and sour straws.  I added some taffy to make wasabi & ginger. 

Here's one of the food tables, I didn't take pictures of the other table, but we served miso soup, sushi and Chinese food (at our Japanese party....) 

The cupcake table. The banner and cupcake toppers are from Etsy, and then I borrowed the boy's Lloyd alarm clock for an accent piece.  This table also has the candy sushi and chinese boxes with fortune cookies. The ninjago faces on top are coffee containers that I spray painted.  I made the "angry eyes" out of yellow duct tape and a black sharpie. 

Here's a close up view for you.

The gift table with my "japanese" prints.  It's not really Japanese, it's a font I found on dafont.com.  The prints translate to "Noah" and "Five". I just printed them on legal paper and taped them onto bamboo placemats from the dollar store.

For party favors I bought the Lego mini characters and attached a fun little ninjago tag.

The birthday boy LOVED his Ninjago party and the kids all had a blast, and their parents told me most of them took really good naps that afternoon from all the running around on the obstacle course!

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Leann said...

my boys had so much fun celebrating with you guys!! loved all your lil touches - it did not go unnoticed!!