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November 30, 2012

{Wilderness Tree!}

It's my most favorite time of the year, Christmas time! I've been getting the house ready and the tree trimmed to celebrate to holidays with my boys. Last year, after Christmas, my huzby said, "next year you should do a hunting themed tree." 

Game On!  After those little words were uttered I was on woman on a mission.  I collected ornaments at the after Christmas sales, and picked up items here and there through the year that I thought would look good on a hunting themed tree.  Well, my tree is more "wilderness" than hunting.  But, it's manly enough, and the huzby approves.

I made my own stockings this year! Used the sewing machine and everything! And a friend came to my rescue with that awesome deer head for over my mantel to complete the look!

I know "technically" the deer is a boy, but I've decided he's really a she, and her name is Deerdra, and I love her. Here's a few more close ups of the tree.  LOVE.

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November 27, 2012

{Oh Christmas Tree!}

How about a very vintage Christmas Tree Post! I'm working on a post to show you this year's tree, but I've hit some kind of storage block with blogger.  Bah Humbug Blogger! Anyhoo, I've been going through old post trying to free up space and came across this one.  Enjoy. :)
Well, we've got our "malfunction" mostly fixed. There is still a strand of lights NOT working, but, after about 4 hours of fussing with it, cussing at each other and Manny re-wiring a plug, I decided I could live with 3 branches not being lit. (sigh...I gave in). Mostly, I was just ready to decorate the darn tree and get those 8 storage bins of Christmas stuff back up in the attic. So, here is our "beautiful" tree (beauty is subjective, I accept that).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a theme tree. I have 3 "trees", every year I get to choose what kind of mood I'm in and put up "that" tree. I have a red & silver "traditional" tree, complete with shiny silver bows, I have a "fabulous" hot pink, lime green and aqua tree for when I'm feeling funky, and I have "The" white tree, the one that makes my heart go pitter pat. The one that I think is SO gorgeous I've put it up 2 years in a row. The one that looks like it's covered in snow and wild owls are nesting in it. (no really, there are owls nesting in it).

Ok, so after taking these photos, I realized, our tree does NOT photograph well. I'm telling you, in person this tree looks like this "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" (the voice of angels singing, seriously) but in the photo is looks like "ah", so sad, so disappointing. Oh well, I get to enjoy my angel singing tree in person.
So, our tree is all white and has owls (4 of them), Manny says they are creepy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. (Although I will admit, I DO hate birds, there is something about these creepy little owls that I ADORE!)
And our tree topper is a white fairy. She IS creepy. But (sigh) I LOVE her. Even with her ratted hair and wrinkled dress. Our tree also has feather thingies with mirrors on them. I'm telling you, in person, this tree just shines, there is so much reflection from the mirrors and the all white. My Christmas tree makes my heart smile.
So, how do you decorate your tree? Do you have a theme? Have you put yours up yet? I can't wait to hear about your tree!

October 04, 2012

{Wood Cut Outs - MONSTER}

Hey Ya'll! Here's a fun project I recently shared over at Mom it Forward. I was given the opportunity to choose a project and I decided to work on a fun Halloween project.  I can't believe it's already Halloween time! I won't tell you how many shopping days you have left before Christmas, I don't want to stress you out. Ha!

The nice folks over at Crafty Wood Cutouts sent me a 
box of goodies to create a fun piece for Halloween.

On their site you can choose from a variety of wood cut outs to craft with!  The hard part is done, all you have to do is get creative and decorate! I chose the "Monster" cutouts. I was excited when my box of goodies arrived!

The boy and I got to work painting the letters.

We might have made a small mess...

Then I covered them with some fun halloween paper and plopped them on the mantel.

The great thing about these letters, they are really thick! And the bottoms are cut so that they are actually made to sit up on their own.  I love that! No more falling over letters or having to prop them up on something to make them stay.

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I was not compensated for this post, however I was sent the materials to create this project.

September 23, 2012

{Monster Wreath}

Hi Friends! You'll never believe it, but I ACTUALLY have a project to share today! I know, right! I told you earlier, I've got the crafting bug again, of course it took me awhile to actually find the time to craft, but I did, and I'm super excited to share!

(I found this wreath on pinterest, but the link was bad, so I don't know who to give credit to.)

This wreath is SOOOO easy and only cost around $10.  Can't beat cheap AND easy!  I bought all of my supplies at The Dollar Tree.

All you need are a few feather boas (I used about 8), a large wreath form, some eye balls and a glue gun. Smoosh it all together and


A super fun (and 4 year old approved) Monster Wreath!

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May 10, 2012

{Stamps, Ink & Cards, Oh MY!}

Hey Guys! I've got another fun Craft Monkey Destash Bash project for you from Stacey who blogs over at Our Daily Walk! Are you ready for this amazingness!

Hi! I'm Stacey from Our Daily Walk and I'm so excited to be posting on Craft Monkey today! When I saw Heidi was asking if anyone wanted some free craft supplies I had to think about it for awhile.....Just kidding! I was so excited and said I'd love to be apart of the Craft Monkey DeStash Bash! I'm so glad I did, because I've been having a great time with the things she sent. 

I know other bloggers have already explained the DeStash Bash, but just incase you weren't paying attention, Heidi wanted to simplify and get rid of some of her craft supplies, so instead of just taking them to Goodwill, she asked her followers on Facebook if anyone wanted them! (It pays to follow your favorite blogs on Facebook!) There was only one stipulation...Make something with the supplies you receive and do a little guest post! 

Here's what I received...

Stamps and stamp supplies! 

I was so excited. One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to send birthday cards to every single person in my family. Yes, every.single.person. Which obviously also includes the hubb's family, too. We're talking grandparents, parents, siblings, brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, and on and on. 

That's a lot of cards!

When I got these I honestly thought Heidi had read my mind and knew of my card dilemma! Instead of having to buy tons of cards for my family, I could just make super cute ones myself! 

Here's a few I've made so far...

I have never played with stamps more than just the regular stamp it in the colored ink and you're done. With the VersaMark and the Pearl Ex pigment powder, you can stamp it and pick the color you want! It leaves the prettiest shine and is so subtle and pretty. The silver ink was also so beautiful on the cards. I love playing with it, and so did my girls! 

I have two girls, ages 2 and 3, and they absolutely love doing crafts. And with Mother's Day coming up, I thought I'd let them make some cards for their Grandma! My oldest daughter was so excited and had so much fun, she hasn't let go of her card since. But, my youngest daughter let me take a picture of her creation! 

Yes, it's wrinkled, but I think her Grandma will love it anyway! 

Thanks Heidi for all the fun new toys!! I think we will be entertained with all of this for a long, long time! You can check out my blog, Our Daily Walk , to see more of my family's fun adventures together! 
See You Soon,


Thanks Stacey! I'm glad your daughter was able to get in on the crafting fun too! Thanks so much for playing along and sharing your card making skills with us!

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May 08, 2012

{Ruffle Ribbon Pin}

What! What! I'm baaaaack, again! HOLLA! Can you tell how excited I am to be back at the old blog? Even though I'm not "technically" blogging, I sort of am! HA!  Today's Craft Monkey Destash Bash guest is Alicia from the Teal Magnolia.  Alicia is going to get you all ready for the upcoming patriotic holidays! So, what are you waiting for, let's get our red, white & blue on!

Hi everyone! I’m Alicia from The Teal Magnolia, a blog and handmade shop – my little slice of the web. I live in North Carolina with my college sweetheart hubby and our two-year-old son (and another baby on the way! Yay!). I am so excited to be part of Heidi’s Destash Bash! This is such a cool idea. I just loved getting a box of goodies that I don’t normally work with and seeing what came out. 
I have to admit, when I first opened the box, I drew a blank and had a little moment of panic. What if I couldn’t make anything for Heidi?! But I knew to let things simmer, and something would come to mind. I left the box on my kitchen table and played with the stuff for a couple of days and then inspiration hit.

Inspiration surprisingly led me in a patriotic path, and why not? We have all the fun patriotic holidays coming up (Memorial Day, 4th of July), it’s an election year this year, and we also have the Olympics this summer. Plus, my brother is in the military, as are a lot of my friends from high school (can you believe I was in JROTC? They told me I could plan the military ball if I joined, so I did. And so began my love for event planning.), so when I saw the pretty blue ribbon with silver trim and the shiny red ribbon, I just thought “USA! USA!” And this is what I came up with: a ruffle ribbon pin with interchangeable glass centers:
It was pretty easy to do. Some of the steps seem difficult, but it’s really not. It only took me a couple of hours. First, I took my aggression out by flattening out a bottle cap and then hot glued it to some blue felt.

Then I ruffled the blue and red ribbon that I got from Heidi. The blue one was wired so I just pulled one of the wires until it ruffled. Then I hot glued it onto the bottle cap on the side that wasn’t covered with felt) just around the edge. I ruffled the red non-wired ribbon by running it through my sewing machine on the longest stitch and pulling the bottom thread. I glued that ribbon just inside the edge of the blue ribbon, on the metal. I then glued a magnet in the middle of the whole thing. Once that was all dry, I glued a pin to the felt side and then glued a square of felt over the pin to make it a little neater.
Now, it’s time to get to work on the glass beads! I should probably stop here and fess up. Originally, I had planned to make a pom pom out of some white yarn from Heidi’s stash, but I guess I don’t remember my Girl Scout crafts as well as I thought I did, and ended up with something that looked more like a Barbie-sized mop than a pom.
So, plan B: Glass beads! I used beads from the floral department at the dollar store. They are about 1.24 inches round-ish. I looked online and got some free clip art and printed it out. Then I painted a layer of modge podge on the flat side of the bead and put them over the images. Make sure you test fit the beads over the images before modge podging. You want to make sure you printed the images the right size (I had to make them smaller and reprint), and you want to make sure the bead works with it. All the beads are a little different, so you might want to play around to see what fits better. Once the modge podge dried, I tore away the paper and trimmed it down right to the edge of the glass.
Now, here’s where I got stuck (again). For some reason, the whole time I was working on this my brain was under the impression that pennies were magnetic (I’m blaming pregnancy brain on this one) and had planned on gluing pennies to the back to make them stick to the magnet on the pin. So I had to scramble and find an alternative plan.

Flattening and cutting more bottle caps would work, but I couldn’t find my hubby’s stash, and then he has some that he’s keeping from certain breweries and I didn’t want to mess with the ‘collection’, so I scrambled some more and found some adjustable ring bases in my craft stash. I flattened them out and cut the excess off with some tin snips. I then used E-6000 to glue those to the backs of the glass beads so that the flat part (where you would glue the pretty part of the ring) is what makes contact with the magnet.
I love the “I Voted” version…those tiny stickers always get stuck in my hair, so it’ll be kind a cool to have my own pin. I think it would be cool to just have a big rhinestone for some bling, or a pretty pearl/pave button or something. That’s the cool thing about this…you can make different centers to fit your mood.
Come on over and see what else I’m up to at my blog,, on facebook!/aliciamariel

Thanks so much Alicia! I LOVE it! How fun to have something other than a cheesy Old Navy flag tshirt {my usual 4th of July outfit of choice} to show your American pride!

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January 30, 2012

{Chalkboard Tags & Craft Monkey'n Monday}

Well, I FINALLY completed a project, from start to finish! That means, have an idea, buy supplies, execute project, take pictures, edit pictures, then blog...some days I think it would just be easier to craft without all the blog fuss.  But then what fun would it be to not have YOU to share my projects with?!

This is a super easy project.  I purchased plain would tags and painted them with chalkboard paint!

After they dry you "cure" them by rubbing them with a piece of chalk

Ya gotta LOVE a simple project!  I wanted to have chalkboard place cards, not that I host oh so many dinner parties, but I thought they'd be fun and functional.  Here's a sample of a simple Valentine's Day or Anniversary setting.

How about a fun little St. Patrick's Day table
Imagine all the fun party display uses for these little chalkboard tags! You could use them on a buffet table too!


January 08, 2012

{Blinged Out Valentine's Wreath!}

I made THE Most Awesome Valentine's Wreath, Oh Yes I Did! It's so sparkly and purdy, I just LOVE it! The light reflects off of the sparkles and the satin roses are all pink and girlie, oh here, let me just show you!

See, I told you! Most Awesome Valentine's Wreath, yes? It's got the whole "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" thing going on, doesn't it.

I found this super cool plastic {YES, PLASTIC} "ribbon" stuff that is just silver plastic cut to look like shiny sparkly diamonds, I'd say it succeeds in that!

I wrapped a wreath form with it and then covered part of the bottom in satin roses that I made.  

So, what do you think? 


January 05, 2012

{Mustache Valentine Tutorial}

By far my most "pinned" project on Pinterest is the Mustache Valentine card I made last year for my son. It makes my heart happy every time I see his little mustached face pop up as I'm browsing Pinterest! 

I've started receiving quite a few emails asking how I made them, or which fonts I used, etc., so  I thought I'd save us both some time and share a step by step tutorial on how I made these, using {By the way, those emails TOTALLY make my day!}

But since picnik is no longer around, I've taken down the tutorial. 

I printed the photos at a local pharmacy in 4x6.

I attached sticky backed felt mustaches using a scrapbooking glue dot, so the kids could pull the mustache off and wear them {leave the backing on when you attach them to the photo}

For the mustaches I created a template and I just ran the felt through my printer and printed the template on the paper backing, then cut them out with scissors.

If you do make some Mustache Valentine's I would LOVE to see them! Send me a link or a email a picture, I'd love to share them here on The Craft Monkey!


December 25, 2011

{Merry Christmas}

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses!