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June 25, 2011

{Creating Creating Creating}

I signed up for my first Craft Fair! Eeeek! It's actually a fundraiser for LaPaw Rescue, a local pet rescue & adoption group.  The monies raised will be used to help buy food & supplies that the pets and pet rescuers/adopters need to keep this amazing program going strong.

So I've been busy making some pieces to bring with me.  I'm so nervous! I'm afraid I won't have enough merchandise...or what if I have TOO much merchandise? What if nobody buys anything? Errrgh! One of my friends responded to my fears by saying "What if the sky falls?" I know, I know, I'm probably worrying for no reason, but this is different.  This is me, in person, selling stuff that I'm proud of.  My fear is that people will think it's crap.  So we'll see how it goes.  {sorry got off on a little tangent there}.'s some of the things I've been creating.
I took an old frame, painted it with Annie Sloan Provence, added some embellishments & now it's great for displaying my necklaces!
My creepy hand model for displaying rings. {It was plain black, I "spiced" it up with some AS Provence paint & a manicure! ha}
More Sea Glass frames {accented with jute} and another fancied up jewelry display painted in AS Old White}
Totally Awesome Cassette Tape earrings {wouldn't these be RAD with my CMO Ring!}

You all know I'm a HUGE Rock Star! haha

Heart Wings Necklace

Peaces of You Necklace

Keep Calm Necklace

Proverbs 31 Ring